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    It will be August--2013 at Obligato, Expect all the faces of eagles Production Bund and other artists.

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Uganda Show Merchandise At The Irene's Bridal Porlour

Irene's Bridal porlour

Yesterday, Irene ended uganda's dreams of looking for the best wedding fits, Her new selections from London, America and Dubai will definately give ugandans a genuine look on thier memorable functions, in stock is, Wedding gowns, party shoes, party bags, all Jewelry kinds.

This is enough to keep you going until her return to get the best for ugandas, Feel free to make an order with Irene form which ever country you mention. why not get your hands on some new wedding designs at her shop 'Freedom city' Namasuba(Entebe road ).

On This Day…

On this day in 2009, Irene made her triumphant return to the stage at the calender club, five short months after having given birth to a baby girl and with only a few weeks of rehearsal time. Many fans celebrated her return by attending the premiere. Since then, Irene and her club of over 25 musicians have been entertaining the audiences with an incredible and unforgettable show. For those who have seen Irene in Uganda, what was your favourite moment of the show?

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