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Owned by AntiSec Islam and Cyber Supporters of Shraia

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There is no God but ALLAH

Mouhammed is the messenger of God

{+} Hacked by AntiSec Islam and Cyber Supporters of Sharia {+}

In the name of ALLAH, the most Compassionate,the most Mercifull
We ARE NOT anonymous
We ARE NOT legion
And DO NOT expect us...
Because we ARE ALREADY here
This season is the season that you western infidels celebrate christmas.
and the only season you behave, spreading values like mercy, and charity.
Mercy and charity is not only to give in christmas. ITS TO GIVE DURING ALL YEAR!!!
In rest of the all year, you spent your time worshipping statues, Prophet Jesus (PBUH),
killing innocent women and children in Syria, Palestine, Iraq and all middle east,
and calling innocent refugees and innocent muslims murderers and terrorists,
while the real murderers and terrorists are you and your governments.
So, while today you are at home, sleeping, or eating like pigs
with your fat children (and Muslim children are dying and starving in middle east due the wars
you are sponsoring), we are awake....and we are awake to bring you the PAYBACK!
So, today your systems were hacked, leaked and compromissed.
This proofs that,the sense of security you have, is a false sense of security.
You governments are spending all money in dirty wars that don't belong to them and CAN NOT PROTECT YOU!
Today, your systems, and all life you trust to that systems were compromissed.
Today, is the day you must fear by yourself, and think twice before messing with Islam , disturb muslims,
and before enter in wars that dont belong to you trying
to gain access to the other countries oil reserves.
So, next year, behave better, or your systems and servers will suffer serious and even worst consequences

We are Unknown Al, Al Andalus Attacker,Black Widow, Doctor Ebola, I/O Error and Algerian Cracker.